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August 10, 2023

Major Benefits of Virtual House Tours

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, convenience and immediacy are highly sought features for just about anything. Enter virtual house tours; a modern solution that is revolutionizing the rental market

We are slowly leaving behind the days of relying solely on in-person viewings, and the way we approach the search for rental properties is rapidly evolving. With the help of technology, efficiency of online services, and curiosity for immersive experiences, virtual house tours are becoming increasingly popular for tenants and landlords alike. 

What is a Virtual House Tour?

Virtual house tours can be considered a feature representing the future of real estate. It is a property tour in the form of a virtual representation that allows interested potential tenants to explore and experience the space remotely. Modern technology such as 360-degree cameras and interactive software elements aid in creating an immersive and interactive viewing experience.

Participants can navigate through different areas of the property they are viewing using their phone, a computer, or even a VR headset. They can move in different directions, zoom in or out as they please, and in some cases even interact with certain elements within the virtual environment. Such features allow prospective tenants a realistic sense of a property’s size and layout without the planning and hassle of an in-person walk-through.Virtual home tour statistic

Convenience and Time Efficiency

For Potential Tenants

Virtual house tours provide convenience to potential tenants who may not have the time or ability to visit the property in person. 24/7 viewing availability gives them the opportunity to check out the property whenever is appropriate for them, eliminating the need to travel and avoiding the probability of scheduling conflicts. 

This also allows viewers to eliminate properties they are no longer interested in without any wasted gas, time, or money. Virtual tours provide a comprehensive view of the property with no need to schedule, drive to, and participate in a walk-through. It also allows the viewer to participate at their own pace. They can take as much or as little time as they want without being constrained by an agent’s schedule.

For Landlords

When a landlord lists a new property, you might end up receiving hundreds of phone calls from potential clients. Meeting each of them can be time-consuming and some are just curious with no intention to buy or rent. With a virtual tour, customers can see the property on their own time, and those who are truly interested will reach out for more information. It can help ensure you only showcase a property to the most interested potential buyers. 

Additionally, landlords can forget about the stress of deep cleaning the property before each in-person showing. They can do one round of meticulous cleaning prior to shooting the content for the remote tour and be able to showcase the property when it looks its best. 

Though virtual tours may not be suitable for every property, remote viewings are undeniably becoming more popular. The cost and time efficiency they allow to both tenants and landlords is receiving increased attention throughout the real estate industry. 

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