Maintenance Management

Thayer & Associates delivers preventative maintenance, routine maintenance and emergency coverage services under the supervision of one of our highly qualified property managers. We take pride in providing same- or next-day response to all maintenance-related inquiries.


Preventative Maintenance

An effective and efficient preventative maintenance program is the key to reducing operating expenses. Our program incorporates regular physical plant inspections that identify required repairs to help keep unplanned expenses to a minimum.

In addition, we are pleased to offer GRAND-PM™, a computerized maintenance management system that greatly simplifies preventative maintenance planning. Please contact us for more information.

Routine Maintenance

Thayer’s property manager conducts a thorough review of your entire property on a regular basis. When necessary, our senior maintenance personnel and/or our extensive network of contractors evaluate specific areas of concern (e.g., HVAC, electrical, plumbing). We then document issues that may require immediate attention and provide recommended actions.

Our maintenance personnel are skilled in all aspects of building maintenance, including HVAC systems, waterproofing, carpentry, and management of major construction and restoration projects.

Emergency Coverage

We provide 24/7 emergency coverage for all our properties. During holidays and non-business hours, a live answering service directs urgent calls to the appropriate individual (i.e., on-site maintenance staff, emergency on-call manager or property manager).