Property Maintenance Management

Our managers save you time, effort, and money through thorough preventive and routine maintenance, even 24/7 emergency coverage during holidays and off-hours.


Property Maintenance Company for Residential and Commerical Property

A property maintenance company plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing the value of real estate. From residential homes to commercial establishments, we are the professionals that ensure your property is well-maintained year-round.

We offer a wide range of services, including routine upkeep, repairs, and improvements. Regardless of the season, property maintenance companies are dedicated to keeping your properties safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of using a Property Maintenance Company

Utilizing a property maintenance company comes with several practical benefits. Firstly, having a property maintenance company allows your property managers to allocate their priorities and duties in an efficient manner.

Such companies also help lower asset depreciation which contributes to maintaining property value and sustaining business revenue. Additionally, professional maintenance services allow for happier tenants which in turn leads to retention of leasing commitments, and potential rent increases.

These kinds of companies also help reduce emergency calls and costly repairs, minimizing maintenance tickets and complaints. This means fewer staff hours are spent on resolving issues. And their 24/7 emergency services provide reassurance that urgent situations will be addressed in a timely manner.

 Skilled Maintenance Staff

At Thayer Associates, our skilled and dedicated maintenance personnel are the backbone of our commitment to ensuring the optimal condition and functionality of your property. Our team is meticulously trained in various facets of property maintenance, allowing us to deliver comprehensive services that cover every inch of your property.

Our experts conduct thorough inspections throughout the entire property, regardless of the season. We maintain HVAC systems to ensure your indoor environment remains comfortable year-round. Our waterproofing specialists guarantee that your property is protected against moisture intrusion, preventing potential damage.

Carpentry skills are employed to maintain various components of your property, while our landscaping professionals keep up your property’s curb appeal. For major construction and restoration projects, our team has the expertise and resources to tackle even the most complex task.

Our skilled maintenance personnel work hard to make sure your property receives the comprehensive maintenance services needed to preserve its value and functionality.

Property Management Maintenance System

We are pleased to offer GRAND-PM™, a computerized maintenance management system that simplifies preventative maintenance. It offers quick access to information and effortless scheduling. This allows projects to be completed efficiently, and it helps keep tenants happy. The system also aids in tracking work orders, managing spare parts and inventory, maintaining an audit trail, and automating the reordering process.

Routine Maintenance and Emergency Coverage

At Thayer Associates, our staff is dedicated to maintaining our properties with a balanced and practical approach. We conduct routine maintenance checks regularly throughout all our properties to ensure their continued well-being. This proactive approach helps us identify and address issues before they become major concerns, safeguarding the quality and value of our properties.

Our team also maintains a meticulous record of any issues that require immediate attention. This kind of meticulous documentation allows us to efficiently prioritize and address problems as they arise, ensuring the properties are kept in excellent condition.

We also offer 24/7 emergency coverage across all our properties. Our commitment to responsiveness means that our clients can rely on us day or night to handle any urgent situations promptly and professionally.