Outline of Project Administration and Coordination Services

From top to bottom, we’ll take on the administrative services necessary for your construction projects, from pre-construction checklists to scheduling to interviewing qualified essential personnel.

  • Assist the Client with determining a preliminary proposed scope of work.
  • Assist the Board with arranging for funding.
  • Prepare and distribute a ‘request for proposal’ for distribution to qualified Engineers, Architects or Consultants.
  • Conduct pre-bid conferences and tours with Architects, Engineers, or Consultants who are invited to submit proposals for professional services.
  • Schedule and attend interviews with Architects, Engineers or Consultants.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions for the Agreement between the Association and the Engineer, Architect or Consultant.
  • Review the plans, specifications, and project manual/bid package prepared by the Engineer, Architect or Consultant.
  • Schedule and attend Special Meetings of the Board.
  • Schedule and attend Special Meetings of the Unit Owners as required.
  • Schedule and attend periodic project meetings.
  • Assist the Architect, Engineer or Consultant with identifying qualified contractors who are invited to submit written bids.
  • Attend pre-bid tour and conference at the property.
  • Assist the Board with selecting a qualified attorney to prepare contract documents.
  • Assist the Association’s attorney with preparing contract documents.
  • Review pre-construction check list.
  • Review ‘Proposed Change Orders’ and ‘Change Orders’.
  • Review ‘Requests for Information’ (RFIs).
  • Review ‘Submittals’ and ‘Mock-ups’ with the Architect, Engineer or Consultant.
  • Review waivers and partial release of lien forms and waivers and final release of lien forms.
  • Review ‘Applications and Certificates for Payment’ and process duly certified payments.
  • Review Punch Lists.
  • Obtain ‘Certificates of Substantial Completion’ from the Architect, Engineer or Consultant.
  • Assist with conducting a final inspection and certifying a final application for payment.
  • Prepare written communications to the Unit Owners.
  • Assist the on-site staff with coordinating access to and from the building and the units.
  • Review Project Close Out Check List.

Overall, our end goal is to manage your construction projects from top to bottom. We want to ensure a smooth process for managing your construction projects and proving administrative assistance. Contact us today for more info!