For Sale Questions

I am selling and/or refinancing and I have a lender questionnaire/condo questionnaire that needs to be completed. Whom do I speak with to fill this form out?

Is there a charge for a 6D Certificate for a sale?

Is there a charge for a 6D Certificate for refinancing a loan?

How do I obtain this 6D Request form?

Can I place a For Sale sign up on the common area or in my unit’s window?

Most rules and regulations do not allow any signage to be placed on any part of the common area or in unit windows. Each property has different polices, please check with your property or maintenance manager before placing any signage in common area or unit windows.

Contact Information

How do I update my mailing address and/or contact information (i.e. phone, email)?

Payment Information

How much do I owe? / How much is my monthly condominium fee?

Follow the link on our website’s home page to gain online access to your account. You will see your current account ledger and balance with the breakdown of charges on your account.

How do I make an electronic payment?

Can I set up an automatic withdrawal of my monthly condominium fee directly through Thayer & Associates?

Where do I mail payments too and whom do I make the check payable too?

Mail all payments to: Thayer & Associates, Inc. PO Box 400196 Cambridge, MA 02140
All checks should be made payable to the name of you condominium property. Please reference your Thayer account# or alternatively your building and unit address on memo line of check.

I cannot find my monthly billing statement. I do not think I received a statement. How do I get a replacement bill?

When is my payment considered to be late?

Condominium fees are due on the 1st of the month. Thayer allows a 15 day grace period, and then any property specific late fees and interest are applied to the past due amount(s.

I don’t understand a charge on my account. How do I receive more information about the charge?

Thayer & Associates offers online account access to your account ledger. You can identify the charges that are on your account and how much you owe. You also can pay electronically by credit card or electronic check by following the appropriate link on the home page.

Did you receive my check yet?

If you sent a personal check by regular mail, please allow five to seven business days before we receive it and cash it. If it is longer than 7 days since you mailed it to us, please call Thayer to speak to accounting.


I need a copy of the Master Policy declarations page for my: home insurance carrier, my mortgage lender, my personal information, etc. How do I obtain one?

Miscellaneous Questions

I'm having a cable installation with Comcast- what's the process for that?

In most buildings, the main cable box is found in a locked room. If you need access to a locked room for the purposes of a cable installation, you need to notify Thayer and Associates at least 48 hours in advance of any cable installation, so that a maintenance manager can be on-site with the correct combinations and keys to let the cable technician into the builder telecommunications closet.
If you don't notify the property manager, then it is unlikely that the maintenance staff will be able to assist the technician, and you will have to re-schedule your installation.

What is the pet policy at my association?

Your association pet policy is available in the owner's manual. If you don't have an owner's manual, you can request one from your property manager.

I want to rent or buy a unit at one of the association's Thayer manages.

Unfortunately, Thayer doesn't directly handle the rental or sale of units at any of the associations we manage. You should consult a local real estate agent.