Property Management Services

All homeowner associations want to enjoy a high quality of life while maximizing the resale value of their units. Thayer & Associates, which manages more than 5,000 condominium units, can make these important goals a reality for you.
Our team members have the expertise to help you keep your property in good repair, plan for future expenses, and prepare for annual and special meetings. Please read on to learn more about our property management services near Boston, MA, which we offer in-house and via our extensive list of preferred contractors and vendors:



At Thayer & Associates, we realize that commercial clients want to maximize their net operating income over the short term and their return on investment over the long haul. Our team members have the background, knowledge and tenacity to help you meet these important goals.

Unlike larger firms in our market, at least one of our officers has a hand in each of our commercial properties. As a result, you enjoy access to – and the attention of – even our most senior-level staff.

We offer a broad range of property management services in-house and via our extensive list of preferred contractors and vendors. Please contact us today learn more about these services, which preserve and enhance the value of your real estate!