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December 7, 2022

5 Ways to Boost Your Community Curb Appeal 

Living in a community is desirable for many reasons, the top of which could be the freedom from yardwork or year-round maintenance issues. Many people want to avoid the tedious chore of mowing the lawn during the spring and summer or shoveling heavy New England snow throughout the long winter. The draw of many communities, whether it is a Homeowners Association or an apartment community, is this idea of regular exterior maintenance completed by someone else. 

With property maintenance crews taking care of issues throughout the year, you may wonder what projects could help boost curb appeal and make your community look just a little more attractive than other neighboring communities. 

Here are five improvements to consider that will raise the curb appeal of your community. condo

#1 Cosmetic Upgrades 

This may sound expensive and time-consuming but adding a few simple changes to your community can really make a difference especially if you are hoping for uniformity and a clean look. 

Consider upgrading all door numbers to the same style and font. For instance, copper or brass house numbers that match the lighting fixtures can be beautiful. 

Other cosmetic upgrades could include solar lights along walkways, detailed hardscapes, stone planters, or front walkway decor. These upgrades not only make the community look nicer but can show prospective renters or unit owners that the community is well cared for. 

#2 Power Washing the Exterior 

Although this upgrade may seem like a no-brainer, many communities do not take advantage of the major transformation a power washing can do for walkways, patios, pool areas, and the exterior surfaces of all buildings. 

Power washing can remove dirt, debris, gunk, grime, and mold that has begun to form on surfaces. This chore may seem like a simple one but it can bring back the luster of stone patios, wood decks, and the siding of the buildings in your community.paint samples

#3 Fresh Paint 

If power washing can clean a community, painting can put a brand new look on an entire community. A fresh coat of exterior paint can seriously transform the overall look of a building or many buildings from dull and boring to fresh and new. 

#4 New Lighting 

Many communities have streetlights that illuminate the driveways and parking areas associated with the buildings. By adding custom lighting for walkways, entrances, and parking lots, the community will not only appear nicer and more welcoming but can also help make the area more secure. 

#5 New Roof 

When a roof is peeling, curling, or looking like it may have leaks, the community can begin to look worn down and not well cared for. A new roof can be one of those master repairs that will make the building look new and will prevent any ice dams, leaking, or repair issues that may have been revealed over the last few years. 

Looking to take your community up a level in its curb appeal? Try one or all of these improvements to boost your curb appeal this year. 


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