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Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Fall may seem like the time of year that the world slows down and enjoys the spectacular show that the leaves put on, seemingly for our pure enjoyment. If you are a property manager or landlord, however, you know that this fleeting time is a busy one, prepping for the winter months and making sure that your property is in good condition to make it through another potentially harsh New England winter. 

For property upkeep to be successful maintenance should occur throughout the year but there are some specific tasks that experience tells us need to be completed every fall. Read on for our maintenance tips that can keep your property well maintained throughout the year. 


Roof & Gutters 

Let’s start our maintenance tips at the top with the regular fall checks on the roof and gutters of your property. 

Fall is a good time (before temps and precipitation may make it difficult to inspect the area) to clean out gutters that are clogged with leaves, debris, and wildlife nests. A good clean-out will mean your gutters will be able to continue to function properly and move water away from your structure and foundation. 

While you’re up there, check the roof for any signs of damage such as peeling shingles, weak spots, or a chimney cap that may have become dislodged due to wind or storms. Accessing this area when there is ice or snow will be impossible, so this may be your last chance to inspect and repair. 

Trees, Leaves, & Landscaping Needs 

Fall is notorious for requiring some heavy-duty cleanup, especially in the time between when the last leaves and the first flakes fall. It may seem like a race against time but getting those leaves up before Mother Nature dumps a few feet of snow on them is important not just now but when it all melts in the spring. 

Our tip is to think about this task as three main areas: cleaning up the leaves, trimming back trees and bushes that need it, and repairing any areas of your landscape that require attention before all outdoor tasks are not accessible. 

Windows & Doors 

Winter in our region can bring some amazingly low temperatures. Therefore insulation including caulking around windows and doors should be checked annually to ensure that HVAC systems are not stressed or allowing heated air to escape. 

Fresh window calk and door sweeps can be a lifesaver for your utility bill and lessen the need to keep turning up the thermostat. 

Prep For Snow 

If part of your duties as a property manager includes snow plowing and shoveling your communities, be sure that you have the right equipment and that it has been thoroughly checked before the first flakes fly. 

It’s also a good idea to remind your tenants or renters of the policy for moving cars and parking lot rules for when the weather turns slippery. 


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