4 Most Common Tenant Issues

As property managers, there’s often quite a bit on our plates. From handling emergency repairs to scheduling regular maintenance and from collecting rent to staying updated on trending property issues. It’s important to be on top of it all. One way to do that is to be proactive in handling common tenant issues. 

To this end, let’s discuss four of the four most common tenant issues that landlords and property managers tackle on a regular basis. tools for repairs

Maintenance Issues 

From leaky faucets to overflowing toilets, property managers and landlords are accustomed to various maintenance requests. The trick is to create a process for managing the requests in a timely and organized fashion. 

In a recent blog, we examined methods to prioritize maintenance requests that can be helpful. Going digital and using software to help you track and anticipate requests is also a fantastic method to surviving the sometimes ocean-like wave of maintenance issue requests. 

The most important thing is to choose a method notification, inform your renters the priority list and follow through will all requests as quickly and responsively as possible. 

Neighbor Issues 

Not everyone has Mr. Rogers as their neighbor. That, unfortunately, means that noise complaints, pet complaints, and a whole host of scenarios can become a property manager’s biggest nightmare. 

Whether it’s loud music, crying children, obnoxious parties at all hours, or a heavy foot heard above, the list of complaints can go on forever. A good technique for property managers is to talk with both the tenant making the complaint as well as those who are the focus of the complaint. Find out the details and respectfully request that changes and solutions be followed. 

For chronic or persistent complaints, put in writing the rules of the community or building and make it known what behaviors are prohibited and at what times. key in door lock

Lack of Communication 

No renter likes to have to chase down a property manager any time they need assistance or have a question. Good tenants are hard to find, so addressing their questions in a timely fashion is also important. 

Experienced property managers know that having many methods of communication available is a good way to keep your renter informed about changes in the community or repairs that have been scheduled. Some property management companies provide an app that renters can put in requests, while others use texting capabilities to answer questions. Still, others use monthly newsletters or postings to keep everyone in the community apprised of events, repairs, or updates. 

Pest Problems 

Whether it’s a cockroach, bed bug, mouse, or another wildlife critter, no renter wants to handle the issue on their own. 

Pest problems are one of the most common issues landlords and property managers deal with. In order to be proactive and prevent rodents from finding your area attractive, request that trash barrels be put out only as early as the night before pick up and that lockable covers be used. Additionally, suggest that any outdoor cooking areas be cleaned well after use to prevent wildlife from finding your property attractive. 

To address issues once they happen, always have pest professionals on call to handle discretely any pest that may have infiltrated your properties. 


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